Glad He Asked!

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The following is a replay of a conversation I recently had with my friend Joe Plugger, who has a knack for asking all the right questions …

JOE: Hey, Paul!

PAUL: Hey, Joe!

JOE: You haven’t blogged for a while, my friend. What’s new?

PAUL: Let’s see … the hangnail’s gone. I saw Avatar in 3-D on Imax. And I’m teaching a Tarot class next month in Chicago.

JOE: A Tarot class? You mean, like, teaching people how to predict the future?

PAUL: Actually, I don’t focus much on prediction. My real passion is showing people how to use the cards as an intuitive tool to access their inner wisdom.

JOE: Inner wisdom about what?

PAUL: Themselves. Their relationships. Their day-to-day situations. Life.

JOE: And what’s, like, the point of knowing that?

PAUL: Well … a sense of clarity, and with it the freedom to make choices that make our lives work better.

JOE: That’s absolutely fascinating. Please, please – keep talking.

PAUL: The cards help us to see ourselves and events symbolically, as archetypes, and therefore more objectively. And that has a way of making our personal dramas feel much less overwhelming. With these insights we’re better able to calm the mind and heart, act with greater purpose, and enjoy a stronger sense of being spiritually guided.

JOE: Whew, that’s deep! All that from a pack of cards?

PAUL: Like I said, the cards are just a tool. But when used respectfully and creatively, the Tarot can indeed lead to powerful “aha’s” and offer life-changing perspectives.

JOE: You said “indeed”– are you British or something?

PAUL: No, but I’m a big tea drinker. And I wear a monocle.

JOE:  A great look for you. So, how do you teach people to read Tarot cards?

PAUL: Glad you asked! My class incorporates lecture, storytelling, meditation, movement, games, demonstrations, solo and partnered activities, journaling and more. It’s a total immersion that helps people absorb the Tarot intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

JOE: So, it’s more than a how-to.

PAUL: Definitely. It’s a soul classroom. An inspiration incubator.

JOE: I got one of those in my sunroom. So, when’s your class?

PAUL: It’s three consecutive Saturdays – March 13, 20 and 27 – from 9:30am to 4:30pm at Unity in Chicago, on the north side of the city.

JOE: Who’s it for?

PAUL: A wide range of people. Anybody who’s curious about the hidden wisdom in the cards and in themselves. That includes people who are new to the Tarot and those with more experience.

JOE: If I register for the class, will you give me a discount?

PAUL: If you register with a friend, you’ll both get $20 off the tuition.

JOE: OK, I’m in! Paul, I gotta go now and get myself a copy of your critically acclaimed book, Tarot for Life!

PAUL: Thanks, Joe — you always say the right things!